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Latest gold news by email. Gold Investor Index 3 September Demand to buy gold jumps. Deutsche Welle 3 June East Asia gold standard? Although job growth was declining over the past years, recent growth and expansion has happened in Lake Jackson. Now, the unemployment rate is below the national average. And commute time is far below the average, clocking in at sixteen minutes on average. Out of all natural disasters declared, the most prevalent cases were of storms, floods, and hurricanes.

And being so close to the coast, fishing or doing other water-related activities is a must.

The world's biggest mining companies in

Houston is the Energy Capital of the World and hosts the headquarters of the largest energy providers. The nearby refineries turn the petroleum products into usable forms, while the ports send out the finished energy products to the rest of the world.

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Whether you are looking for a white-collar job or a blue-collar job, the energy sector has created an abundance of job options for you in the Lake Jackson area. Here are a few examples of large employers in the immediate area:. With its headquarters in Houston and several power plants in the surrounding area, this electricity provider is one of the largest employers on the Gulf Coast. Headquartered in Houston, Calpine has a huge workforce in the area, including the 1, that work in the nearby electricity-producing power plants.

Calpine in an equal-opportunity employer, and prides itself on the different perspectives the diversity of its workforce provides. With several natural gas and NGL refineries in the immediate proximity, they have many areas within the company that are looking to hire. As one of the largest oil and gas companies in the U.

To have underground lines located prior to digging in Lake Jackson Texas, call These are the food, beverage, and tobacco companies. This is considered a defensive sector because these companies are generally resilient in the event of an economic downturn. The difference between consumer staples and consumer discretionary is that the staples are companies that produce products that people buy on a regular basis. They also include supermarkets like Walmart. Companies in the healthcare sector are the pharmaceuticals, healthcare equipment, and healthcare services.

This sector is closely tied with interest rates. If interest rates increase, then big banks make billions of dollars more. This is because banks give out loans and mortgages, and the higher interest rates all go to the banks. Bank, Goldman Sachs, and many regional banks are in this sector. Also included are companies that manufacture electronic equipment, data processing, communication equipment, and IT services. The tech sector is one of the leading sectors of the last few years. This sector is companies in the communication services.

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Most of the companies in this sector rely heavily on recurring revenue, while some others earn the bulk of their revenue from advertising revenue think Facebook and Google. These companies are your electric, gas, and water utilities. They have little to no competition in the areas they operate, and local governments regulate most of their prices.

Since these companies operate in regional areas i.

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These are considered defensive sectors because people will always need what these companies sell. This last one is pretty self-explanatory. They operate apartments, malls, offices, and senior living communities.

If your grandma is in a nursing home, chances are the company operating that community is publicly traded in the real estate sector. Companies in this sector earn their revenue from rent income and increasing property values. One prominent company in this sector is Simon Property Group, which operates malls. AvalonBay Communities and Aimco are some of the larger apartment operators. To access and trade the different stock sectors, you need to have a brokerage account. Think of ETFs as being a group of stocks all placed into one fund.

And you can buy that fund which has that group of stocks. These ETFs are less volatile, which can make them great for beginner traders that can become scared off by rapid and sometimes extreme price movements. You can use your brokerage to invest and trade these ETFs. Since an outside company manages these ETFs, they have fees with them in the form of an expense ratio. That money goes toward administrative, management, advertising, and some other expenses. In addition to ETFs, you can also invest and trade individual stocks that are in a sector.

The European, Asian, and Canadian stock markets have the same sectors as the United States stock market. This similarity gives investors the opportunity to compare stock sectors across countries. You can check how the sectors in other countries are performing by going to Bloomberg and clicking on each continent to see how the sectors are performing in that region.