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Nor do we need to. We just need to find agreement somewhere; we must eschew the need to be Right. We must enter each discussion as a blank slate, without a map or biases, with the only stated goal being to find common ground. Instead of trying to match your own beliefs, find a belief you can match. Maybe you can agree that maintaining climate health is valuable, and merely disagree on causation or cures and move on from there.

Overcoming Adversity and Spiritual Opposition

Here are some steps:. But I understand that my stance, too, is most likely biased and defensive. I, too, might have to alter my beliefs to be more amenable to collaboration. Did you really say what I think I heard? Do you really hear what clients, prospects, and colleagues say — without bias or misinterpretation? Because we cause resistance.

Here are some steps: Enter conversations without bias, need to be right, or expectation. Enter with a goal to find a higher order of agreement rather than a specific outcome. Begin examining the category to find other agreeable points. All of us will face it. The question is how we will respond to it. There is a telling Scripture in the Word of God that reveals, "If thou faint in the day of adversity thy strength is small" Proverbs In this context, fainting doesn't mean to literally lose consciousness; rather it means to withdraw, let go, or to show yourself slack.

When adversity hits, most people have a tendency to look for a way of escape. The Lord is very specific in this verse.

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He makes it clear withdrawing from adversity is not the way to go. He also makes clear if we back off from times of trouble we lack spiritual strength.

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I remember the first time I heard this Scripture preached. It was during a season when the winds of calamity were blowing full gale against me. All I wanted to do was find shelter and escape the raging tempests.

Overcoming Opposition

When I discovered my response was because my spiritual strength was weak I had two reactions. My second thought was, "If I feel like withdrawing from adversity then I must be weak in faith. Most just go to church to get blessed, not to prepared for trouble. Just because you love Jesus doesn't mean you are equipped to handle the battles of life. The good news is adversity can work for you. It can help you find the strength of the Holy Spirit. I want to help you as much as possible, too. Cast all your cares on Him.

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Encourage yourself. Submit to God and resist the devil. Let faith fight for you. Run to Jesus. Remember Jesus is the Author and Finisher of your faith. Jesus will not let you down. You can trust Him to get you through this turbulence. After you run to Jesus, check your heart.

Opposition from the Adversary

Go down your personal checklist and examine yourself. If you have sinned, repent.

If you violated the Word in any way, repent. Running to Jesus, coupled with repentance, should always be your first reaction to adversity. Casting all your cares on Jesus is a spiritual step toward freedom. Casting your cares on Jesus requires giving your adversity to Him. Some adversity has several dates booked on your calendar. There was a time when I was really hurting and constant flashbacks came to remind me of my calamity. Some of it was real and some was just fearful imaginations. The only thing that helped was continuing to cast my situation on the Lord. Sure, fear and the temptation to run from my problems returned several times, but I would cast the cares back on the Lord again and again until finally my adversity hoisted up the white flag of surrender and withdrew from the battlefield. Encourage Yourself: Encouragement is another powerful antidote against adversity.

Have you ever heard a car engine knock because it was low on oil? Then after oil was added the engine hummed along smoothly? Our lives are the same. Many times we get so busy with the cares of this world and just getting by that we run low on oil. We stop putting the Word in our hearts and that only puts our lives in jeopardy.

With the Word of God written solidly on the tablets of your heart, you can encourage yourself. The Bible tells us that David encouraged himself in the Lord. The Lord helped him every time. David was called to be a king, yet adversity and opposition to his divine calling often surrounded him. He refused to quit and run. In spite of adversity, David pressed into God. David did his part and let God do His part.