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"Ice Age Conundrum: Factors Contributing..." w/ Cogent Randall Carlson in the Classroom

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Prediction and divination are fundamentally different. In the first place, only that which has a moral basis can rightfully be called prediction.

Putting such power in the hands of a machine can only be a denial of humanity. YAMAMOTO, together with a group of other scientists including KATSUMI's own research assistants, not only secretly used the computer developed by KATSUMI to predict the future, but who has also been working on a genetic engineering project to develop mammals suitable for working in undersea colonies as a response to the prediction, using premature fetuses from abortions to create these genetically enhanced submarine transhumans with the aim to prepare humanity for a life under the see once the flooding has submerged Japan.

The computational Utopia, to put it differently, was thus turned into a social dystopia as soon as it was touched by the hands of humans.

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This was considered true particularly for countries where the Marxist idealistic demands and empirical reality diverged, namely in the German Democratic Republic, Poland or Cuba. As a result you were able, conceptually, to take great interest in forecasting the future, but you were quite incapable of standing the real future. Cybernetics, namely the idea of regulation and feedback-induced control, not only influenced various applied technological fields—ranging from robotics, the automatization of industrial production and distribution, Toyota's Just-in-time-System of the s or the introduction of the Point-of-Sales-Systems in convenience stores in the s, but also became the theoretical backbone for infrastructural sectors such as automotive traffic regulation or the automatization of train ticket sales and inspection.

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BORCK Die Transformation des Humanen. Suhrkamp, DATH, Dietmar.

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Verso, Japanese thought in the Tokugawa Period, — Methods and Metaphors. University of Chicago Press, Gordon and Breach, , Search Login or Signup. Culture and Society in East Asia Home.

Show All Details. Contributors 1. Abstract In contrast to the sinking importance or, as some would even argue, almost complete absence of future-oriented counter-realities in the field of politics or social and philosophical thought in recent times, the relatively rich and productive science-fictional field of Japanese literature and popular culture continuously produced utopian or dystopian imaginations that are worth revisiting.

Beyond Ideology: Global Communism vs. One of the younger Japanese scientists is quoted saying: Perhaps […] it is natural that only Communists, who try to fit everything into a preconceived form, should have a future predictable by a machine. Inter Ice Age 4 Translated by E. KOCH, Claus. Kritik der Futurologie.

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In Kursbuch 14, 1— MITA Munesuke. Social Psychology of Modern Japan.

Routledge, Iwanami, Creative Commons Attribution 4.