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Swalwell, 38, made the announcement Monday at an afternoon news conference at his campaign headquarters in Dublin, Calif. Swalwell had been scheduled to visit New Hampshire and attend several events there on July 3 and 4, but a campaign spokeswoman told The Times last week that he had canceled his plans and instead spent the holiday with family. Ending his presidential campaign early will allow Mr.

But during his news conference Monday, he confirmed that he would seek re-election. Steyer, on the other hand, has no other clear electoral prospects. Though he has repeatedly toyed with running for high office, including the governorship of California and a Senate seat there, this moment appears to be all about entering the Democratic primary field. In recent weeks he instructed advisers to conduct polling and other research to gauge his prospects, people briefed on his preparations said.

He has designated a longtime aide, Heather Hargreaves, as his campaign manager-in-waiting, and recorded a television ad that could air in the early voting states in the event he becomes a candidate.

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That launch, associates said, could happen as soon as this week. Also advising Mr. Steyer is Doug Rubin, a Massachusetts-based strategist who counseled Deval Patrick, the former Massachusetts governor, on a potential campaign before Mr. Patrick announced he would not run. Neither adviser would comment on Mr.

There is considerable skepticism across the Democratic Party about Mr. Since breaking onto the political scene by backing several high-profile statewide initiatives in California in , Mr. That effort has flagged over the past few months, frustrating Mr. Steyer, according to people familiar with his thoughts. He has been among the most prolific funders of Democratic groups, though party leaders and strategists have grumbled frequently about his penchant for inserting his own image into television ads.

One ad for Need to Impeach, Mr. Trump, featured Mr. Steyer standing in Times Square in front of one of his own electronic billboards, discussing his push to impeach the president. In January, he trekked to Iowa to make a highly promoted political announcement, only to reveal upon arriving that he would not run.

That decision also came at a moment of personal turbulence for Mr.

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Over the years, Mr. Steyer has rotated through a formidable cast of political consultants and advisers, hiring some of the biggest names in Democratic politics and then discarding them — with varying degrees of cordiality — sometimes in a matter of months. He has lost a number of staffers in recent months to other presidential campaigns, particularly those of Gov. There are significant gaps in the political operation that surrounds him now.

Should he run, Mr. The plastic panels fit neatly into the trunk and were available whenever needed. None of the removable tops was armored. Photographic prints. On January 20, , John Fitzgerald Kennedy -- America's youngest president and first Catholic president -- was sworn in as the 35th president of the United States. In his inaugural address, Kennedy told Americans, "ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.

Time, inc. Mahan, James. United States, Illinois, Chicago. Magazines Periodicals. Presidential inaugurations. This limousine--dubbed X by United States Secret Service agents--was designed and custom-built as a presidential parade car. An assassin shot John F.

Kennedy in the Lincoln Continental in November The un-armored, open convertible had failed to protect President Kennedy and was radically modified. A revamped X remained in the White House fleet until Design drawings. Hess and Eisenhardt. Kennedy seemed to understand instinctively how to use the new medium of television. He held the first live televised Presidential press conference on January 25, , and continued this regularly throughout his Presidency.

This Souvenir Card depicts President Kennedy in a relaxed pose recognizing a reporter during a nationwide televised press conference in Prints Visual works. Cards Information artifacts. Press conferences. Television broadcasting. After President John F. The most prominent change was a permanent top fitted with bullet resistant windows around the sides and in the roof.

Henry A. Wallace | vice president of United States |

The rooftop windows could be covered with a black vinyl top. Trunks Containers. The car, completely rebuilt after the assassination, did not go on exhibit until The museum's policy at that time was not to display cars less than 20 years old. Henry Ford Organization.

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Photographic Department. Ruzicska, Rudy. United States, Michigan, Dearborn. Armored cars. Henry Ford Museum. Titanium armor, bullet-resistant glass and tires, and a permanent roof improved the president's security. The modified car returned to the White House in May and remained in service until Bodies Land vehicle components. Automobile bodies. Automobile parts. What was the car's make and model?

The original car was a Lincoln Continental 4-door convertible.

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Why was it called "X"? X was the code name given to the car by the Secret Service. Who built the car? What did the car cost to build? What were some of the car's special features? What happened to the car after President Kennedy's assassination? What was "Project D-2" or the "Quick Fix"? What was "Project R-2"?

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Artifacts Related to Kennedy Presidential Limousine. View Panorama. Kennedy View in our Collections on thehenryford. Artifact Automobile. Summary President John F. Creators Ford Motor Company. Gift of Ford Motor Company.

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Get more details in Digital Collections at: thehenryford. What is The Henry Ford? Tweet Share Email. John F. Artifact Button Information Artifact. Summary Using giveaways like this campaign button, Democratic presidential candidate John F. Creators A. Location Not on exhibit to the public. Johnson President". Johnson President" View in our Collections on thehenryford. Artifact Newspaper.

Gift of the Estate of Dr.

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Martin A. Artifact Photographic print. Summary As originally built, the Lincoln Continental Presidential Limousine had three different roof options.

source site Creators Unknown. Kennedy Details. Artifact Magazine Periodical. Summary On January 20, , John Fitzgerald Kennedy -- America's youngest president and first Catholic president -- was sworn in as the 35th president of the United States.