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Pachelbel's "Canon" Well, to make a long story short, I quit my lessons and began teaching myself how to play. I started watching other players, asking tons of irritating questions and destroying turntables by slowing them down with my finger in order to hear very fast licks.

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  • The problem with the guitar is that there are often four of five different ways to play the same lick, or at least the same note sequence. I'd find myself working for months on what I thought was the correct way to play something and then suddenly stumble upon a much more practical and logical way of executing the same sequence of notes Hmmm All those wasted hours working on something that I probably could have learned in one day, had I been shown correctly.

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    I guess looking back I do feel a certain sense of achievement, having taught myself to play the guitar, Even now I can't help but wonder how much further along I might be today had I been fortunate enough to learn from a book that offers as many exciting and valuable techniques anc exercises as this one does. Good Luck, Greg Howe. Christopher Schaa Gonzalez.

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