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Everyone Is A Combination Of One Dog Breed And One Cat Breed — Here’s Yours

Daniel British. Karen Australian. Veena Indian. How to say breed in sign language? Examples of breed in a Sentence Aesop : Familiarity breed contempt.

Quida : Petty laws breed great crimes. Philip Crosby, Reflections on Quality : Successful people breed success. William Shakespeare : How use doth breed a habit in a man. Popularity rank by frequency of use breed 1 Select another language:. Powered by CITE. Are we missing a good definition for breed? Don't keep it to yourself Submit Definition.

Breeds in this group were created to assist hunters on feathered game. Retrievers, built for swimming, specialize on waterfowl. The hunting grounds of setters, spaniels, and pointing breeds are grasslands where quail, pheasant, and other tasty game birds nest. All hound breeds pursue warm-blooded quarry. The sleek, long-legged sighthounds use explosive speed and wide vision to chase swift prey, like jackrabbits and antelope. Tough, durable scenthounds rely on their powerful noses to trail anything from a raccoon to an escaped convict. They pull sleds and carts, do rescue work, guard flocks and homes, and protect their humans.

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Short-legged terriers were created to go underground in pursuit of rodents. Long-legged terriers dig out varmints rather than burrowing in after them. They come in enough shapes and coat types to satisfy any preference, but all toy dogs are small enough to fit comfortably in the lap of their adored humans. Non-Sporting Group. These breeds have two things in common: wet noses and four legs.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Chinese Crested.

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Chinese Shar-Pei. Chow Chow. Clumber Spaniel. Cocker Spaniel. Corgi Inu. Coton de Tulear. Curly-Coated Retriever. Dandie Dinmont Terrier. Doberman Pinscher.


Everyone Is A Combination Of One Dog Breed And One Cat Breed — Here’s Yours

Dogo Argentino. Dogue de Bordeaux. Dutch Shepherd. English Cocker Spaniel. English Foxhound. English Setter. English Springer Spaniel. English Toy Spaniel. Entlebucher Mountain Dog. Field Spaniel. Finnish Lapphund. Finnish Spitz. Flat-Coated Retriever. Fox Terrier. French Bulldog. French Spaniel. German Pinscher. German Shepherd Dog. German Shorthaired Pointer. German Wirehaired Pointer.

Giant Schnauzer. Glen of Imaal Terrier.

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Golden Retriever. Gordon Setter. Great Dane. Great Pyrenees. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. Ibizan Hound. Icelandic Sheepdog. Irish Red and White Setter. Irish Setter. Irish Terrier. Irish Water Spaniel. Irish Wolfhound. Italian Greyhound. Jack Chi. Jack Russell Terrier. Japanese Chin. Japanese Spitz. Korean Jindo Dog.

Karelian Bear Dog. Kerry Blue Terrier. Labrador Retriever. Lagotto Romagnolo.